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Last modified: 14 August, 2020
Native name:

Nacionalno točko za prenos lastništva

English name:

National Ownership Transfer Point


Entrepreneurs planning a transfer of ownership.

Main characteristics

The Slovenian Business Development Agency SPIRIT Slovenia, a public agency, has established a National Ownership Transfer Point. The purpose of the programme is to raise awareness of the importance of timely preparation for the transfer of ownership and to encourage entrepreneurs to prepare carefully for the transfer of ownership. 

The programme offers expert advice to entrepreneurs about challenges of transfer of ownership and guidance on how to obtain an incentive - 'transfer voucher'. 

Based on the consultative interview, the entrepreneur receives a certificate from the agency, which is attached to the transfer voucher. An entrepreneur may obtain a voucher for a set of activities related to:

  • the preparation of the company for the transfer of ownership
  • the implementation of the transfer of ownership (sale of the company, transfer to a family member or internal purchase)
  • training for family business acquirers. 

Applicants may apply for a transfer voucher in one of the three measures mentioned above but only for projects determined in the consultative interview. One can receive support from €500 to €3000 for an individual activity, but a maximum of €9000 for all three activities together. The Agency keeps a register of external experts for entrepreneurs to contact when applying for a transfer voucher. When carrying out activities and producing documents relevant to the preparation or implementation of a transfer of ownership under a transfer voucher, both the entrepreneur and the consultant are obliged to comply with the minimum requirements for the preparation of documentation for the transfer of ownership.

The manual ‘Handbook for transfer of ownership of a family business’ is one of the first results of the Programme for Supporting Family Businesses in the transfer of ownership, which has been adopted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology in 2016. It presents the main challenges of family businesses dealing with the transfer of ownership and management and supplies information on how to overcome them. The manual was prepared by experienced owners of family businesses. The manual was printed in 1,000 copies and is also available online.


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
SPIRIT Slovenia; Ministry of Economic Development and Technology


In 2018, 2,900 people expressed their interest in the programme, and about 650 people attended 20 events (lectures, workshops) that focused on the transfer of ownership. Seventy-six participants responded to a survey saying that events were interesting and useful (SPIRIT, Annual Report for the year 2018, p. 94).


Analysis of the transfer of ownership showed that not only family companies, but also all other companies would need support in this field. For this reason, SPIRIT Slovenia initiated a pilot project in the 2018–2019 period for investigating the range and types of needs among entrepreneurs (SPIRIT, Annual Report for the year 2018, p. 21).


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