Employers' Offices

Phase: Anticipation
  • Advice
  • Employment incentive
  • Matching/Networking
  • Provision of labour market information
  • Support of companies' growth
  • Support of SMEs
  • Training
Last modified: 14 August, 2020
Native name:

Pisarne za delodajalce

English name:

Employers' Offices


All employers.

Main characteristics

The Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS) established Employers' Offices in 2013 in order to better meet employers' needs. Offices are located in 12 different locations across Slovenia.

The offices provide a space for ESS advisers to meet employers and better identify current and future needs that companies may have. This information is used to help the ESS select adequate candidates for vacant posts, and provide training and education programmes in line with future needs.

Employers also have the opportunity to get information on active employment measures and assistance with the administrative issues in hiring new employees and with public invitations for tender. For instance, the ‘Practical training programme’ reimburses employers’ costs for short-term training of unemployed and, particularly, vulnerable groups (beneficiaries of international protection, Roma), while ‘Incentives for employment’ covers a part of salary of young or old unemployed workers.

In addition to regular activities, Employers’ Offices organise the European Employers’ Day, information days for employers, and visits to small and medium-sized companies. These events help to strengthen the collaboration between the employment service and SMEs.


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
Public employment services
The ESS manages the Employers' Offices.


According to a survey cited by the MDDSZ 2018 Annual Report, 6,209 companies ranked services provided by Employers’ Offices as very good (average 4.1) on a scale from 1 to 5. The Employment Service of Slovenia builds up partnership with employers by visiting employers (3,182 visits in 2018) and responding to individual needs of employers (MDDSZ, Annual Report on the Implementation of Labour Market Measures for the year 2018, p. 13).


The Employers' Offices are primarily used by SMEs. Such businesses often do not have the HR or legal capacity in order to be well-informed on the new and incoming legislation regarding the labour market and ESS services. This instrument helps to bridge that gap. 


The Employment Service of Slovenia realised through practice that there is a lack of standardisation of tasks (Annual report for the year 2018, p. 75). As a result, ESS prepared a document where the duties of Employers’ Offices are described and standardised.


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