Code of Good Practice (Catalonia)

In 2017, the Catalan government published a Code of Good Practices for the platform economy, fulfilling a goal established in the Government Agreement of April 2016. The code aims to establish fair rules for all parties involved in work and consumption through digital platforms. The Code begins with a detailed definition of all parties involved (platform, user, consumer, bidder, professional etc.) and sets to create an ‘environment of trust in which all agents involved in relationships conducted through a digital platform (…)’ can avail of stable and secure rules’. It also defines three principles or ‘commitments’ which should be made by platforms: 

  1. Loyalty and transparency. Platforms must be committed to loyal behaviour towards their customers, which includes the transparent, accessible and clear provision of information concerning the operations and rules of the platforms. 

  1. Complete information. Information on the trade name, company name, physical address, terms and conditions of usage, the products sold, exchanged or shared as well as on providers of the goods or services (professional or lay people) must be clearly visible and accessible. 

  1. Collaboration with public authorities in Catalonia. Platforms must enter in dialogue with public administrations in Catalonia to facilitate collaboration agreements or the similar initiatives. This also concerns collaboration in tax collection and the collection and provision of data. 


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  • 2022
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