Glovo’s pledge to couriers

In October 2021, the food delivery company Glovo announced the so-called ‘Couriers Pledge’. This new initiative sets new social standards for the platform which aim to secure fair working conditions. The pledge lays out standards for earnings, safety, communication and support for development opportunities. These standards are said to apply to all workers affiliated with the platform across the whole market, regardless of their employment status. As of 2021, this concerns 74 000 workers. The changes are set to be implemented within 24 months. However, many couriers work via secondary companies (‘fleet partners’), which have might not follow Glovo’s example. For setting up working conditions standards, Glovo collaborated with the Fairwork Foundation, an academic platform that developed fairness principles for platform work. As a result, Fairwork is committed to assessing Glovo’s implementation of the pledge. 

Further information: 

As EU eyes ‘balance’ on precarious gig work, Glovo offers pledge of ‘fairer’ conditions for couriers | TechCrunch 


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