Eurofound marks International Women’s Day / Eurofound News, March 2016

For more than a century, the world has marked International Women’s Day. This year, on Tuesday 8 March, the theme for the worldwide campaign was gender parity. Eurofound’s web page dedicated to the day highlights the disparity that still prevails across Europe, as shown by the Agency’s research findings.

First findings from the most recent European Working Conditions Survey, of 2015, indicate persistent gender segregation in the European labour market. Some 67% of all employees have a male supervisor – rising to 85% of male employees. And the lower labour market participation of women comes with a price: in a forthcoming report, Eurofound estimates the cost of the gender employment gap in 2013 at €370 billion – equal to 2.8% of the EU’s GDP. And at home, the unequal sharing of household and care responsibilities is the big issue: women, on average, perform 22 hours per week of this unpaid work, in contrast to men’s average of 9 hours. For more, read our article.

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