Germany: Government agrees to reform Prevention Act

On 17 December 2014, the German government agreed to a reform of the Prevention Act. The reform promotes good health in the workplace – particularly in small and medium sized enterprises.

Among the changes are:

  • the introduction of a National Conference on Prevention involving public administration, public and private health insurers and social partners;
  • an increase in public health insurers’ annual spending on health prevention from €3.09 per person to €7 per person per annum;
  • the improvement of health prevention in care facilities with additional funding from the Public Health Fund on Care Services;
  • moves to encourage insurers to address issues at SMEs, as a voluntary approach to health prevention is most likely to be introduced by larger companies;
  • moves to ensure health prevention and occupational safety and health are better coordinated;

incentives to encourage workers facing problems in reconciling work and private life or who face above average work-related health risks to attend training courses.

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