UK: One in three employees subject to interpersonal conflict at work

Research published by the CIPD examines the extent and nature of conflict in UK workplaces. 

In April 2015, the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) published research into conflict at work. Based on a representative survey of 2,195 employees, ‘Getting Under the skin of workplace conflict’ highlights the prevalence of conflict in UK workplaces. 

Key findings

  • One in three employees had experienced some form of interpersonal conflict in the preceding year
  • One in four reports isolated clashes and the same proportion reports ongoing difficult relationships
  • Lack of respect is the most common way in which conflict affects behaviour (cited by 61%)
  • When conflicts do arise, 36% identify the dispute as being with line-managers or other superiors, underscoring the importance of the power differential in the experience of conflict
  • The most common reasons for conflict are differences in personality or styles of working (44%) and individual competence or performance issues (33%)
  • Stress (43%) and decline in motivation or commitment (39%) are the most common outcomes associated with conflict




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