About EurLIFE

The European Observatory on Quality of Life (EurLIFE) was set up in 2017.


EurLIFE aims to provide results of survey data analysis and qualitative research in the field of living conditions and quality of life, supported by a Network of Eurofound Correspondents across all EU Member States and Norway.

It aims to assist policymakers in establishing better living conditions and quality of life for European citizens. Research will explore the impact that quality of society has on well-being. It will also examine access to and quality of public services against the reality of an ageing and more diverse society, budget constraints and technological change. Eurofound’s regularly repeated European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS)  provides a comprehensive portrait of living conditions and quality of life in European countries and is a major resource for EurLIFE.

Key focus

In the programming period 2021–2024, the main topics covered by EurLIFE are:

Target audience

EurLIFE aims to serve the main Eurofound stakeholders, including European social partners, EU institutions and Member State governments, as well as policymakers, practitioners and civil society organisations in the field of living conditions and quality of life.

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