Rules of reimbursement for interviewees

Contribution to travel and subsistence expenses for candidates invited for recruitment interviews, tests or medical examination

Having regard to the Rules on the contribution to travel and subsistence expenses of candidates invited to sit tests in a selection procedure organised by EPSO. The Director has adopted the following rules (PDF, 590 KB) taking effect on 1 June 2017:

Travel expenses

Candidates invited for interview, competency and language tests or medical examination as part of a Eurofound selection procedure may be reimbursed travel expenses if the journey from their place of residence (as indicated in letter of invitation) to the place of interview exceeds 200 km or requires a sea crossing. The candidate must supply proof of travel as appropriate.

If the place of residence and the current place of employment are in the same country, the place of residence will be taken as the point of departure. If the place of residence and the current place of employment are in different countries, the shortest distance to the venue as calculated by Eurofound will apply. Reimbursement can only be made on actual costs incurred.


Reimbursement shall be based on the most economical return flight available at the time of booking and on the basis of production of the original ticket and boarding passes (maximum €500). In exceptional cases, it may be possible to exceed this ceiling, but prior authorisation must be requested via the recruitment secretary.


Reimbursement shall be based on second class rail fare, for the shortest and most economical standard return route by rail.


For travel by road, reimbursement shall be calculated at 22c per km up to a limit of €400.

Accommodation allowance

Where the distance between the place of residence to the place of interview exceeds 200 km or requires a sea crossing and the interview / test schedule as in the letter of invitation requires an overnight stay, an accommodation allowance of €100 may be payable towards the hotel cost. This allowance shall be reimbursed on production of the original invoice for the night in question.
Subject to prior authorisation, a further allowance shall be granted in cases where the candidate has to stay an extra night because of incompatibility between the times specified in the letter of invitation and transport timetables.

Candidates with disabilities or special needs

In order to avoid exceptional hardship and on the explicit and justified request of the candidate, the Director may allow derogation from these rules, in specific cases for candidates with disabilities or special needs. To care for these cases, an additional contribution up to a maximum of the double amount of a daily subsistence allowance may be granted. The Director may delegate this power in writing to the Head of HR.

Reimbursement through online system

Candidates who wish to claim reimbursement must have registered for the interview / test through Eurofound’s online system before the date(s) in question. Completed and signed Financial Identification and Legal Entity forms must be completed and delivered to the secretary of the selection procedure along with the other travel/accommodation documents required as above.

Contribution from other sources

Eurofound shall pay no contribution to candidates who benefit from a contribution of similar nature from another source towards travel and subsistence expenses.


Reimbursement is made by bank transfer in euros or in the currency of the candidate’s country of residence, using the monthly conversion rate fixed by the European Commission. 

False declaration

False declaration in order to receive the financial contribution may lead to the exclusion of the candidate from the selection procedure.


This decision shall take effect on 1 June 2017.