Eurofound environmental policy


Eurofound is committed to environmental management and improvement and to sustainable development. To this end, the Agency is working towards implementing the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) which is the most credible and robust environmental management available. This aligns well with the organisation’s principles and objectives, namely the improvement of living and working conditions.

EMAS includes all the requirements of ISO 14001 and provides additional benefits by ensuring the involvement of employees, requiring compliance with all legislation and publication of environmental performance metrics based on a standard set of indicators.


Eurofound is planning to achieve its initial audit and verification between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, dependent largely on the availability of the audit and verification body. Eurofound’s commitment to environmental improvement and sustainability will be evaluated and the following achievements and processes will provide evidence of commitment and performance:

  • Establishment of the Eurofound Sustainability Steering Committee
  • Procurement and installation of new gas boilers with much improved efficiency and lower gas use and air emissions
  • Electric car charging stations in the car park
  • Replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED lighting
  • Green Public Procurement initiative
  • Environmental communications processes
  • Monitoring of environmental indicators including gas use, electricity use, paper use, air travel, waste generated, collection and disposal routes
  • Recruitment (facilities/trainees facilities job description: the person should assist in the implementation of the EMAS process)
  • ICT (donation of old equipment, digital options for meetings, internal information)
  • Digital First initiative

We at Eurofound are committed to improving the environmental performance of the organisation and providing leadership to other organisations in environmental management and sustainability. This is becoming closely linked to the future living and working conditions of people in Europe and elsewhere, which remains our key focus.

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