Road Transport Code

In September 2019, an amendment to the Road Transport Code was approved in Lithuania to regulate the activities of couriers including platform couriers. From 1 July 2020, permits for couriers will be issued by the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration. 

The amendment followed a series of detainments of illegal couriers. The couriers were operating via a company that only officially recruited a small part of its drivers in order to avoid paying taxes. Many of the illegal workers were migrants who were supported with residence and work permits, accommodation, vehicles and training by the transportation service platforms. Some of the workers were not aware that they were working illegally. Besides tax evasion, this situation raised concerns over passenger safety since the drivers were working long hours in order to increase their incomes. In order to enhance control over fraudulent practices, the legal amendment requires drivers to apply for their permits at the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration instead of at the municipality. 

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