SIPTU expresses concerns over platform workers’ rights in Ireland

The services industrial professional and technical trade union (SIPTU) is representing food delivery platform workers and has been raising the issue of poor working conditions of delivery riders. 

In March 2021, SIPTU took part in a meeting with the Irish Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Deliveroo riders, the English Language Student’s Union of Ireland (ELSU), the Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland, the Immigrant Council of Ireland and the Irish Network Against Racism. The meeting addressed the terms and conditions (in particular safety concerns) of work carried out via platforms such as Deliveroo. 

On 07 April 2021, SIPTU organised the Rights4Riders Global Day of Action, which consisted of an online discussion among employment spokespersons form different political parties addressing the union’s concerns in relation to worker rights, safety and pay for delivery and platform workers (for more information see here).


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  • 2022
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