European Social Services Conference - The future is local! Empowering communities, combatting poverty, improving services

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The European Social Services Conference 2016 is produced by the European Social Network (ESN) in cooperation with the Dutch Presidency of the EU Council.

Promoting the economic and social development of local communities is at the heart of the mission of social services. While many citizens are enjoying the increased economic and social opportunities of a modern technological society, others are trapped in unemployment, precarious jobs and low-quality housing. At particular disadvantage are children in poor households, those with disabilities or long-term health conditions, and those from minority communities.

With an increased focus on shared responsibility, social services recognise the need to engage and involve citizens in their communities. This means developing new ways for user/citizen participation in identifying their future needs. Managers and professionals have to build new relationships and seek new ways of working with local communities and local issues. At the same time there are many examples of innovative practice that can be shared from across Europe about social planning and economic and social regeneration, the emerging role of social enterprise, the growth of public-private partnerships and the facilitating of the vital contribution of local ideas, energy and involvement.

Bringing together over 400 international delegates from all sectors, the European Social Services Conference 2016 will explore the following questions:

  • How can local public authorities across Europe respond to social and economical challenges to combat poverty and exclusion, and improve people’s life chances?
  • With pressure to make further savings, how can social services develop new local initiatives to become more innovative as well as efficient?
  • How can local social services involve and engage local citizens to develop people-centred services and build sustainable communities?

This year, Eurofound will run a workshop on Helping disadvantaged families in Europe: good practices at the local level, from 15:15 - 16:30 on Monday 20 June.

Read more on the ESSC website.

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World Forum
The Hague
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