ERM quarterly – more announced job gains than losses / Eurofound News, May 2015

In the first quarter of 2015, announced job gains recorded in Eurofound’s European Restructuring Monitor (ERM) outnumbered announced job losses, after two consecutive quarters showing the opposite trend. The manufacturing sector experienced the most restructuring activity, accounting for 41% of announced job losses and 26% of announced job gains. Meanwhile, Germany experienced the greatest job losses (almost 9,000 being announced) and the greatest gains (over 16,000 new jobs announced). The quarterly also examines cases of job creation and loss in detail – respectively, in Germany’s Deutsche Post DHL and Poland’s Poczta Polska. The European Restructuring Monitor is a unique EU-wide dataset on larger-scale restructuring events, which tracks the announced employment effects of restructuring in the EU28 and Norway. Download the publication.

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