Vouchers to cover for innovation consultancy

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  • Support of SMEs
Sist endret: 26 August, 2020
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Voucher per consulenza in innovazione

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Vouchers for innovation consultancy


SMEs and business networks.

Eleigibility criteria are:

  • micro, small or medium-sized enterprise in accordance with current legislation; respect  the 'de minimis' criterion;
  • registered office and/or local unit active in the national territory and registered in the business register of the territorially competent Chamber of Commerce;
  • paid social security contributions;
  • not subject to bankruptcy proceedings and not in a state of bankruptcy, liquidation, even voluntary, controlled administration, arrangement with creditors or any other equivalent situation pursuant to current legislation;
  • not having received and subsequently not repaid or deposited in a blocked account aid on which a recovery order is pending, following a previous decision by the European Commission which declares the aid illegal and incompatible with the common market.

An eligible business network consists of not fewer than three SMEs satisfying the requirements described above, provided that the network contract constitutes an effective and stable collaboration towards innovation objectives as established in the decree of 7 May 2019.

Main characteristics

The voucher for innovation consultancy is a grant addressed at micro enterprises and SMEs who want to implement industry 4.0 technologies. The measure is part of the national 'Enterprise 4.0' (Impresa 4.0) plan.

The voucher can be used to pay for qualified consultancy in the areas of industry 4.0 technologies:

  • big data and data analysis;
  • cloud, fog and quantum computing;
  • cyber security;
  • integration of Next Production Revolution (NPR) technologies into business processes, also and with particular regard to traditional productions;
  • simulation and cyber-physical systems;
  • rapid prototyping;
  • visualisation systems, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR);
  • advanced and collaborative robotics;
  • human machine interface;
  • additive manufacturing and 3D printing;
  • Internet of Things and industrial Internet of Things;
  • digital integration and development of business processes;
  • digital editing programmes, such as transformative and enabling processes for the innovation of all processes for enhancing brands and distinctive signs (so-called 'branding') and commercial development towards markets;
  • open innovation programmes.

The companies seeking a consultancy can choose a consultant from a list approved by the Ministry of Economic Development. The measure pays for a consultancy of at least nine months which addresses the innovation of mangerial and operational activities, including access to financial markets. The voucher application form must contain a copy of the contract between the company and the consultant.

The voucher value amounts to:

  • 50% of the costs up to € 40,000 for micro enterprises;
  • 30% of the costs up to €25,000 for SMEs;
  • 50% of the costs  up to €80,000 for business networks.

The budget allocated for the implementation of the measure is €75 million divided for each of the years 2019, 2020, and 2021.


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
Ministry of Economic Development
Innovation managers in the Ministry's list.


In total 3,615 applications were presented for the 2019 call. Small business presented 3,063 applications, medium-sized companies presented 537 applications, and business networks presented 15.

The total amount of the projects presented was above €205.4 million, a sum higher than the total amount allocated for the period 2019-2021.

Out of the 3,615 applications, 1,831 were awarded while 1,784  were considered eligible but there was no funding available. With the decree of 15 January 2020 the Minister of Economic Development allocated financial cover, amounting to €46 million, for these too.


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