Malta: Redundant employees entitlement to public support

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Redundant employees entitlement to public support
Sist endret: 06 July, 2017
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Kap 343 - Att dwar is-servizzi ta' impieg u tahrig

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Cap. 343 - Employment and training services act


Whole legal act


The act provides for the setting up of the National Employment Authority (NEA) and Jobsplus (previously known as the Employment and Training Corporation, ETC), and for the regulation of employment and training services and related matters. The act establishes the legal structure within which government employment and training services for persons seeking employment are provided. 

The main functions of the NEA are to: monitor employment and investigate and settle complaints related to the operations of Jobsplus; give advice to the Minister of Employment about the employment and training of workers; and, make rules regarding the services to be provided to the registered unemployed persons.

In relation to employment, Jobsplus aims to provide and maintain employment services to assist persons to find suitable employment and to assist employers to find suitable employees. In relation to training, Jobsplus aims to provide training courses or other schemes in order to assist persons to upgrade their knowledge and skills in order to find suitable employment.


Jobsplus, set up in 2000 under the name of Employment and Training Corporation, is Malta's public employment service organisation. Jobsplus assists redundant employees, including those hit by collective redundancies, to find new jobs. By registering as unemployed persons with Jobsplus, redundant employees may enjoy several benefits and services, including employment advice, economic assistance and participation in specific training courses and schemes meant to increase their employability. In cases of redundancy, Jobsplus contacts employers to explain the services available and gather additional information about the redundancies. Such information allows Jobsplus to develop solutions for the employees in collaboration with the employer. 'Services may include an information session for all those involved, contacting and guiding individuals that are about to lose their job, and outreaching to alternative employers working within the same field or industry' (ETC, 2015). In 2015, Jobsplus trained nearly 7,000 persons (ETC, 2015). The organisation managed to reduce the number of registered unemployed persons from 4,760 in November 2015 to 3,021 in November 2016 (NSO, 2017). 

Cost covered by
  • National government
Involved actors other than national government
  • Public employment service
No, applicable in all circumstances
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