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Finland: Public authorities information and consultation on dismissals

Phase: Anticipation
Public authorities information and consultation on dismissals
Sist endret: 23 April, 2019
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Laki yhteistoiminnasta yrityksissä (334/2007), Laki yhteistoiminnasta suomalaisissa ja yhteisönlaajuisissa yritysryhmissä (335/2007), Laki yhteistoiminnasta valtion virastossa ja laitoksissa (1233/2013), Laki […] yhteistoiminnasta kunnissa (449/2007)

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Act on Cooperation within Undertakings (334/2007), Act on Cooperation within […] Groups of Undertakings (335/2007), Act on Cooperation within Government Agencies and Institutions (1233/2013), Act on Cooperation […] within Municipalities (449/2007)


334/2007: Ch. 8, Sec. 48-49, 53. 335/2007: §3, 1233/2013: Ch. 5, Sec. 24-25, 28, 449/2007: Sec. 8-9


When planning to dismiss or to temporarily lay off one or more employees, or when planning to turn one or more full-time employment relationships into a part-time, the employer is obliged to deliver the negotiation proposal with relevant details to the public employment services (TE Office) before the beginning of the negotiations.

When planning to dismiss 10 or more employees the employer must draw up a plan of action specifying ways to promote the reemployment of workers who are about to lose their jobs. In cooperation with the public employment services, the employer must chart the availability of services available for supporting employment. The plan must include the estimated schedule of the negotiations, the procedures to be followed therein, and principles for the use of public employment services and for supporting reemployment and training during the dismissal notice period.

The clauses are applicable to companies with 20 or more employees.


The obligation of small companies with fewer than 20 employees to notify the public employment services in case of dismissals was revoked in April 2017. The reform was part of the efforts of the Government of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä to reduce and streamline regulations and to reduce the administrative burden of small companies. The main trade unions did not oppose the reform, but proposed that dismissed individuals be counselled to immediately contact the public employment services to investigate applicable employment services and unemployment benefits. Such a clause was not included in the legislation.

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