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Finland: Selection of employees for (collective) dismissals

Phase: Management
Selection of employees for (collective) dismissals
Sist endret: 09 June, 2017
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Työsopimuslaki (55/2001)

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The Employment Contracts Act (55/2001)


Ch. 7, Sec. 9-10


In case of (collective) dismissals, employee representatives are protected in that they cannot be dismissed before all posts in their job category are eliminated and no other suitable work is available for this person.

An employee on maternity, paternity or parental leave may only be dismissed on financial or production-related grounds, if the activity of the employer ceases completely. Any dismissal of an employee who is pregnant or on family leave shall be deemed to have taken place on the basis of the employee's pregnancy or family leave, unless the employer can prove that there was some other reason.


Some collective agreements may regulate further the order in dismissals, for example:

  • In selecting candidates for collective dismissals, employers should take into account length of service and family circumstances.
  • Preference in retention should be given to skilled personnel and those partly disabled due to work accidents.
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