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Finland: Time off for job search

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Time off for job search
Sist endret: 12 June, 2017
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Työsopimuslaki (55/2001)

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The Employment Contracts Act (55/2001)


Ch. 7, Sec. 12


Unless otherwise agreed by the employer and the employee, the employee is entitled during the period of notice to take fully paid leave in order to draw up an employment plan with the public employment services, to participate in training, or to look for work or attend job interviews. The length of the leave depends on the length of the period of notice:

  • a maximum of five working days, if the period of notice is less than one month;
  • a maximum of ten working days, if the period of notice is longer than one month but less than four months; and
  • a maximum of 20 working days, if the period of notice is longer than four months.

The employee must notify the employer as early as possible of any plans of and reasons for taking time off. The leave must not cause substantial inconvenience to the employer, and, upon request, the employee is obliged to present an account for each leave.


The right to leave for job search does not apply in cases where the employer goes bankrupt. This can cause significant trouble for employees in cases of unexpected bankruptcies.

Cost covered by
  • Employer
Involved actors other than national government
National goverment only
No, applicable in all circumstances
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