EMCC European Monitoring Centre on Change

P.U.H. Hant

16 Jul, 2015
    • Poland
  • Organisation size


  • Establishment size


  • Type of restructuring
    • Internal restructuring
  • Ownership
    • Private
  • Involved actors

    • Public employment service
    • Development agencies
    • European Commission
    • Private consultants
    • Others
    • National government
    • Banks
  • Anticipation of change activities
    • Strategic long-term monitoring of individual organisations economic and financial situation
    • Training/skill development
    • Strategic long-term monitoring of market and technological developments
    • Establishment of networks/partnerships with regular exchange facilities
    • Development and maintenance of capacities and competencies for anticipation of change
  • Management of change activities
    • Supporting the access to finance of the affected organisation
    • Support of networks/partnerships among organisations
    • Flexible/early retirement schemes
    • Diagnosis of the situation and designing change procedures
    • Information and consultation of workers or their representatives
    • Monitoring of the impact of the restructuring
    • Reorientation of previous productive resources (site/equipment/etc) and diversification measures
    • Redeployment of affected employees within the organisation
  • Clusters/Networks/Supply chains