Data availability

Questionnaires for Eurofound’s three pan-European surveys – EWCS, EQLS and ECS – are available for download in a variety of languages. Datasets for the various survey editions are also available.


All questionnaires are made available upon completion of the survey fieldwork. 

Links to the questionnaires for earlier surveys not listed here can be found on the pages for the specific survey editions.


Eurofound’s survey datasets are made available no later than two years after fieldwork completion. The Eurofound datasets are stored with the UK Data Service (UKDS) in Essex, UK and promoted online via their website. The data are available free of charge to those who intend to use them for non-commercial purposes. Requests for use for commercial purposes will be forwarded to Eurofound for authorisation.

By registering with the UKDS, users are ensured of accessing the latest version and receiving information regarding important updates. To download the data, first register online with the UKDS. If you are not from a UK university or college, please apply for a UK Data Archive username or consult the page on how to access data.

Once registered, to find Eurofound data, type ‘Eurofound' in the ‘Search data’ field. A list of Eurofound's surveys should appear, then click on the name of the relevant survey for more information and download using your username and password.

The latest datasets available are:

For further information, please contact Sophia MacGoris.