EQLS 2007 - Questionnaire translation

Interviews were conducted in the national languages of each country. The master questionnaire was translated into 30 different languages, with seven of them used in more than one country. The translations were done in accordance with current good practices in multilingual translation of international survey questionnaires.

For trend questions, existing translations from previous surveys were retained except in a small number of cases where problems were identified and new revised translations introduced. For new and modified questions, the English master version was subject to parallel translation into the main target languages by independent translators familiar with survey research in the living conditions area.

These parallel translations were merged into a final draft which was then translated back into English to identify and resolve remaining problems or ambiguities. A number of the translations were also subject to final review by Eurofound research managers and national experts from the expert development questionnaire group who assisted the Eurofound in this task.

The translated versions of national questionnaires were pre-tested. The pre-test was conducted in all countries participating in the survey except Macedonia, which joined the whole operation later, when no time for pre-testing was left. The pre-test consisted of 25 interviews per country, conducted from 20th to 27th August.

The translated versions of the questionnaire are available for download :

Austria DE | Belgium FR NL | Bulgaria BG | Croatia HR | Cyprus EL | Czech Republic CZ | Denmark DK | Estonia ET RU | Finland FI SE | France FR | Germany DE | Greece EL | Hungary HU | Ireland EN | Italy IT | Latvia LV RU | Lithuania LT | Luxembourg DE FR LU | Malta EN MT | Netherlands NL | Norway NO | Poland PL | Portugal PT | Romania RO | Slovakia SK | Slovenia SI | Spain ES CA | Sweden SE | Turkey TR | United Kingdom EN