Negotiated - Low value procurement 2017

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The table below lists the negotiated - low value procurement planned for 2017.

Procurement Title
Tender on 10 country studies (containing interviews) covering the main five industrial relations clusters
Development of a conceptual framework for monitoring convergence
Data quality assessment of the 4th European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS)
Provision of URL link management platform and reporting tool
Tender on Casual work
Concept paper - Access of young people to information and support services
Negotiated tender - Measuring sustainable work – feasibility study
Employment effects of public or social partner based innovation
Provision of event management services to the Foundation Forum
Tender on 6th EWCS analysis - Working conditions & workers health
Strategic ICT Plan: 2017 - 2020
Indicators of labour market segmentation and policies to combat it
Tender on Mapping functioning of social dialogue at national level 
Various interpretations & measures of a living wage
Provision of strategic information & information communication

Subscription to blog platform advertisement and dissemination

Replacement of car

Mapping and assessment of support measures for redundant workers
Report on convergence in Employment and in the socioeconomic dimension
Provision of press release and news distribution 
Procurement - Feasibility study and pilot of Industrial Action Monitor
Preparation of the 7th EWCS - Cognitive test of the 6th EWCS
in-dept case studies - Access of young people to information and support services
Report and case studies  - The impact of digitalisation on social services

Links between employment status and working conditions

Crowd employment - exploring the employment and working conditions related to specific types of online platforms for paid work

The employment impact of the automation of services

Preparation and implementation of the 4th European Company Survey

Job creation by organisation type (employment effects of public or social partner-based innovation support measures)

Trust in institutions in the 21st century – analysis of the 4th EQLS data

Social cohesion and well-being - analysis of the 4th EQLS data

Provision of insurance brokerage services

Provision of evaluation services and user satisfaction
Provision of language training services
Provision of English language editing and proof reading services for web and print
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