Better living and working conditions in a language we can all understand

Today is European Day of Languages, a yearly event that celebrates the linguistic diversity of a continent with over 200 European languages, 24 official EU languages, around 60 regional or minority languages, and many more spoken by people from other parts of the world.

Eurofound works to ensure that EU-level decision-makers are best served with the highest-quality, timely and policy-relevant information they require to shape the improvement of Europe’s living and working conditions. We also reach out to the national level where it concerns the implementation of EU policy at national level, or where we can clearly contribute useful comparative information to issues relevant at European level. In this vein, Eurofound respects and values the role of multilingualism in communicating across the EU and recognises the importance of people in Europe being able to access information in their own language.

Eurofound works to ensure that its website is as multilingual as possible, including by multilingual navigation. Eurofound also has a translation programme in place for publications which aims to ensure that executive summaries of publications are translated into all official languages; key publications are translated into French, German and up to three additional languages as required; and corporate and promotional material is translated as required.

Eurofound maintains a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to implementing its language policy according to the priorities established in its work programme, communication strategy and available resources.

So today, on European Day of Languages, we invite you to access the information below in the language that is closest to your heart:

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