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Eurofound stands with Ukraine

Eurofound stands with Ukraine and has moved to respond to the evolving crisis. In addition to the death and destruction from the war waged on Ukraine and its people, this has already brought more than three million refugees to the EU from Ukraine, increased emigration from Russia, deepened deficits on the markets for oil and gas as well as cereals and other commodities. EU citizens and governments are stepping up to the challenge of welcoming the refugees. Inflation is likely to increase further, driven by energy and food prices as well as ruptures in supply chains. These developments have the potential to deeply affect the living conditions of many European citizens and are likely to have a substantial effect on the world of work, the quality of life and social cohesion in the EU in the years to come. Policy will need to respond accordingly.

Eurofound will seek to adapt and expand its current work programme, using existing Eurofound data collection instruments and monitoring tools as well as its wide range of research tools, to explore and respond to issues emerging from the war in Ukraine in an effort to provide adequate and timely analysis to our stakeholders and to the larger public.

For more information and regular updates, see the dedicated page Stand with Ukraine


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