Exploring key messages from Eurofound’s research findings / Eurofound News, June 2015

The Eurofound yearbook 2014 – Living and working in Europe presents the key messages from the Agency’s research over the course of 2014.

In terms of employment, the Yearbook shows that the gradual erosion of manufacturing in Europe for over two decades has meant a declining number of jobs in the middle wage stratum. Research in the area of mobility and migration finds that, across the EU, national policy measures to attract workers from other Member States are few. For youth, successful transitions for young people from education into work would appear to depend on the experience of work in the course of education, rapid transitions from school into work and gaining standard employment contracts after leaving education. At the other end of the age scale, for older people, reducing early exit from the labour force is not just a matter of increasing the pension age and prohibiting early retirement. A parallel route should aim to bring working conditions more in line with the needs and aspirations of older workers.

Download the yearbook.

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