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Call to complete the second wave of Eurofound’s e-survey

The second wave of Eurofound’s pan-EU Living, working and COVID-19 survey is now open. The first results of the online survey, carried out in April, showed a Europe grappling to respond to the crisis caused by the pandemic, with many respondents reporting low levels of optimism about their future, job and contract loss, and a spike in financial insecurity. This second wave of the survey will delve deeper and aim to capture how lives have changed over time – particularly for those most impacted, such as the self-employed.

The second wave of the survey is more targeted, tracks changes since the initial confinement period, and seeks to provide an even deeper analysis in order to further contribute to Europe’s policy response. Despite its more targeted nature, a strong and balanced response rate is required to ensure that it reflects population structures and captures the true nature of how life has changed across Europe.

Speaking about the launch of the second wave of the survey, Eurofound Executive Director Juan Menéndez-Valdés said, “With over 60,000 responses, the first findings of this survey were widely recognised for its insights on how the arrival of this pandemic had fundamentally changed people’s lives and work. Now it is time to go deeper, attain a more granular analysis, and learn about the evolution of these changes. This is why we are calling on the population aged 18 or over to complete the second wave of this survey, which will help contribute to Europe’s economic, social and labour market policy responses in the months and years ahead.”

Please complete the survey

Eurofound are asking you to complete the survey and to spread it within your network. It takes around 10 minutes to complete, is anonymous, and is designed for the general population aged 18 years or older and living in the EU. It is also open to people from other countries.

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