Eurofound News April 2013

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Promoting investment in social cohesion

Social investment involves helping people to deal with life’s challenges, and so create a stronger, more resilient society. In a time of economic crisis, this is especially critical.

For social investment to work, it needs to focus on those areas that make a real difference to people’s lives: childcare, education, training, active labour market policies and health services. In all these areas, even a small investment can yield long-term benefits. To boost social investment – and specifically address the risks of poverty and social exclusion, the European Commission launched the Social Investment Package in February last. On 2–3 May, the first Presidency conference to discuss the package will address the theme of ‘Investment, Innovation and Involvement’. Taking place in the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe, the event is jointly organised by the European Commission and the Irish EU Presidency, together with Eurofound. It will present the Package to a range of actors in the field of social investment, with a view to generating proposals for future joint actions to support its implementation. At the conference, Eurofound Director Juan Menéndez Valdés will co-chair a workshop on ‘What needs to be done to embed the social investment approach in our policies and programmes at EU and Member States level?’

More information about the package and the event

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