Eurofound News June 2011

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Highlighting benefits of better quality of work

Employers can put in place a number of workplace measures that both boost the quality of work and benefit company performance – most significantly, by providing training. Better-trained workers are better able to use technology and to meet customer demands; it is also less expensive for employers to train existing staff rather than to hire new recruits, and more beneficial for the employees, who enjoy internal career development and greater employability.

A new report from Eurofound examines the links between quality of work and employee and company performance. While measuring the actual impact of interventions on working conditions can be difficult, in-depth company case study research has indicated clear links between certain measures and increased performance. Apart from the example of training, clearly defined career paths (as well as employment security) boost employee loyalty and sense of ownership, which in turn benefits performance. And better health and workplace safety reduce absenteeism and increase employee satisfaction.

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