Press release, 28 October 2010

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Eurofound publishes a a report on the financing and operation of active labour market programmes (ALMP) in Europe:

Limited effectiveness of active labour market programmes on public job creation in Europe

(DUBLIN, IRELAND) Active labour market programmes – such as job matching, labour market training, employment subsidies – have had a limited impact on public job creation in all EU Member States, according to a new report from Eurofound, the Dublin-based EU agency providing European social policymakers with comparative data, research and recommendations. Training and subsidised employment in private firms have, on the other hand, had a positive effect on job creation.

Active labour market policies (ALMPs) remain key policies in promoting change and increasing employment in Europe. The principal objective of labour market or employment policy at European and national level has been the maximisation of employment rates. However, an ageing population, current and future job shortages and harsh financial conditions all call for new ways to move forward. The methods European social policymakers choose today will determine labour market dynamics in 2020 and beyond.

The new report from Eurofound, based on a request from the European Economic and Social Committee’s Labour Market Observatory (LMO), presents data, research and findings on the financing and operation of active labour market programmes during and after the crisis (2008 to date). The data is based on input from Eurofound’s network of correspondents in all 27 EU Member States in June and July 2010.

Measures targeted at the young unemployed have had limited success, the report states. This finding reinforces the case of those who contend that funding would be better allocated to early education, i.e. with preventative rather than remedial objectives and greater potential for enhancing human capital.

The report is presented at a Belgian EU Presidency conference on Active labour market policies for the Europe 2020 strategy, held in Antwerp, Belgium, on 28-29 October 2010.

Download the report in English. The report is also available in Dutch, French, German and Polish.

For further information, contact Måns Mårtensson, media manager, on email or telephone: +353-1-204 3124, and mobile: +353-876-593 507.


The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) is a tripartite EU body, whose role is to provide key actors in social policymaking with findings, knowledge and advice drawn from comparative research. Eurofound was established by Council Regulation EEC No 1365/75 of 26 May 1975 and is located in Dublin, Ireland.

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