Quality of life, citizens and public services

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21 May 2015

The challenge for policymakers to improve standards of living and promote social cohesion in the face of economic disparities and social inequalities is particularly acute at a time of sharp budgetary constraints. Read an overview of the policy issues and Eurofound's work.

04 October 2016

A recently published report from Eurofound assesses the potential of partial retirement schemes to extend working lives.

30 September 2016

A recently published report from Eurofound highlights the current costs of poor housing and the benefits that stand to flow from improving the housing stock.

22 January 2016

In the wake of the crisis, many European governments have cut spending on healthcare services. However, in the face of rising unemployment and financial strain, there is an increased need for some healthcare services, while decreased disposable income has made access to healthcare more difficult for many households in the EU. In this context, policymakers and service providers are faced with the challenge of maintaining access to healthcare services.

04 December 2015

A new report from Eurofound examines the take-up of public services in host countries of the EU by migrant workers from the newer central and eastern European Member States.

22 October 2015

A recently published report from Eurofound looks at the development of private sector provision of public services, focusing on three areas of service, in four Member States. This article looks in particular at developments in the provision of employment and training services in the UK.

21 September 2015

A new report from Eurofound outlines the scale of non-take-up of social benefits across 10 EU Member States.

23 June 2015

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06 March 2015

Key elements of Eurofound’s quality of life research have contributed to the Social Protection Committee’s recently published review of social protection over the course 2014.

17 December 2014

Creating groupings of European countries on the basis of the quality-of-life issues they face can create a useful guide to where policy attention is most needed.