Sustainable work – The future of working life

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20 November 2015

To ensure that social support systems remain viable as Europe’s population ages, it is critical that more people work and that workers stay in work for longer over their lifetimes. These twin goals will be achieved only if workers are healthy, qualified and motivated to stay in work for longer and if the wider societal supports are in place to enable people to access work. Sustainable work covers the many areas of enquiry pertinent to ensuring that people are able and available to work; quality of work is a central theme, as are policies supporting work and employment. Read this overview of the policy issues and Eurofound's work.

30 May 2016

Working after retirement is increasingly common, but do pensioners work because they need the extra income or because they find work rewarding in other ways?

24 November 2015

The latest research from Eurofound on working conditions in Europe highlights that the 9-to-5 day is not the norm for many workers, and work commonly spills over into home life. Such patterns make it difficult to balance work and life outside work.

17 November 2015

A conference organised by the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Council highlights two areas presenting new challenges to the protection of workers' health and safety: new types of employment contracts and rising labour mobility.

28 May 2015

Reporting of violence and harassment among workers in health and social work, transportation and storage, accommodation and food services, public administration, and education is higher than the European average for all economic sectors.

27 May 2015

See relevant research from Eurofound on issues around making work sustainable.