Win-win practices

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08 September 2015

Workplace practices that benefit both workers and companies have the potential to contribute to economic growth as well as providing direct benefits to the employees and employers concerned. There is no universal recipe for achieving such win–win arrangements in the workplace; however some practices have been shown to support and foster them. Eurofound has made win–win practices a priority research theme over its 2013–2016 programming period.

23 September 2016

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16 March 2016

Although workplace innovation is more frequently associated with the private sector, it also has a role to play in public sector organisations. Case studies developed under Eurofound's project on workplace innovation in European companies have highlighted the ways in which public sector organisations have used innovative practices to make best use of their human capital and address challenges that they face.

23 November 2015

Faced with long-term changes in demographics, increasingly global competition and shifting industrial patterns - and in the aftermath of the crisis - European companies are striving to grow. Some are turning to innovative practices in work organisation, and Eurofound research has found that certain types of practices are linked to both better company performance and workplace well-being.