Youth in Europe

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28 September 2016

Providing a good environment for young people to grow up, learn and work in is a key goal for Europe and for Eurofound – but one that faces particular challenges at present. Read an overview of the policy issues and Eurofound's work.

07 November 2016

Find out about events relating to the Youth in Europe theme

23 September 2016

See relevant research from Eurofound on young people in Europe and the issues that they face.

10 September 2013

The EU Youth Conference hosted by the Lithuanian Presidency on 9-12 September focuses on the social inclusion of young people not in employment, education or training (NEETs). Eurofound delivers a keynote speech.

26 August 2013

On 21–25 August, the G-20Y Summit brought together top young executives from around the world to discuss innovation in business practices, with input from Eurofound.