Born globals: young firms that internationalise rapidly

'Born globals' are companies engaged in intensive international activities  immediately after start-up. Across Europe, about one fifth of young enterprises are born globals, and in spite of the widely prevalent policy focus on both, start-ups and internationalisation, this type of enterprises has so far received comparatively little policy attention.

By compiling available European and international literature and secondary data on born globals as well as conducting a policy analysis in selected European countries, this project contributes to closing the knowledge gap on born globals. Specific emphasis is devoted to the labour market and economic potential of born globals.

The study finds that young international businesses show a higher employment growth and innovation potential than other young firms, and the majority is characterised by above-average economic performance and financial sustainability. However, due to the multitude of challenges these enterprises have to master rapidly and at the same time, specific support is needed to fully benefit from their potential. Consequently, the report concludes with policy pointers to better address the job creation potential of born globals – an issue deemed particularly relevant in the current economic climate.

A report and an executive summary are available - see Related content.