Justice4Couriers is a campaign by Finish delivery platform workers to improve the working conditions of couriers and drivers. The campaign demands repeal to pay cuts, transparent shift allocations, break spaces for couriers and drivers, equipment compensations and insurances against illness and accidents, and the possibility of an employment contract. The main targets of the campaign are Foodora and Wolt.

On 26 April 2019, representatives of Justice4Courier had their first preliminary discussion with representatives of Wolt. Wolt riders’ current situations, Justice4Courier’s demands and Wolt’s opinions on these issues were mainly discussed in the meeting.

On 5 February 2020, representatives of Justice4Couriers met for the second time with Wolt to discuss the working conditions of riders, with a particular focus on the possible improvement of the current freelancing model, such as provision of more comprehensive insurance, and the possibility of providing an employment contract. They have also discussed various practical issues such as shift and payment models that could be included in the employment contract. A ‘dual model’, where Wolt would have a limited number of employees and a larger number of independent contractors, were proposed in the discussion.

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