Riders x Derechos (Riders for Rights)

Riders x Derechos was founded by a group of food delivery riders in Spain to negotiate better working conditions with the respective platforms. 

In Spain, food delivery riders, notably those affiliated to Deliveroo, founded a Facebook group ‘Riders x Derechos’ (Riders for Rights), to negotiate better working conditions with the respective platforms, including a change of the employment status from self-employed to employee. They have also set up the ‘National Association of Bike Courier Services’ (‘Asociación Nacional de Ciclomensajería’), which tries to support and offer useful information for delivery riders in regards to taxation and accident insurance.

In 2018, the group joined forces with Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya (AIC) to demand changes to the conditions of ‘false self-employed’ workers from the labour inspectorate. The group received new attention on the news when in early 2019 a worker of Glovo, a delivery platform, died in a bike accident. Riders x Derechos and other Glovo workers claim that Glovo is not making enough efforts to guarantee the safety of its workers.

In June 2020, Riders x Derechos promoted a manifesto signed, among others, by CCOO (the Workers Commission, Confederación sindicale Comisiones Obreras), UATAE (Union of Associations of Self-employed Workers and Entrepreneurs, Unión de Asociaciones de Trabajadores Autónomos y Emprendedores), FACUA (Consumers in Action, Consumidores en Acción), CGT (General Confederation of Labour, Confédération générale du travail), COAG (Coordinator of Farmers' and Stockbreeders' Organisations, Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Agricultores y Ganaderos), La Marea Blanca and Las Kellys, in support of the claims of effective recognition of the status of false self-employed platform workers.

On 4 December 2020, Riders x Derechos took a position in a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Agenda 2030, highlighting their position regarding the new labour regulation of false self-employed workers and digital platforms. Riders x Derechos claimed that the new legislative framework governing the work of digital platform workers should include a registry of platforms and their algorithms that organise the platform work. Riders x Derechos also insisted that the regulation must lay the groundwork for all digital platforms rather than being limited to riders. Meanwhile, the unions at the dialogue table, UGT (the Workers General Union, Unión General de Trabajadores) and CCOO, have threatened to block the negotiation if the government does not agree to register the companies and their algorithms.


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Riders x Derechos (Riders for Rights)


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