EU labour market integration of asylum-seekers and refugees - Eurofound National Cluster Seminar

ma, 28/11/2016
di, 29/11/2016

Eurofound will hold its fifth national level Cluster seminar on the topic of ‘EU labour market integration of asylum-seekers and refugees: Challenges and opportunities’ in Berlin on 29 November 2016.  The aim of these seminars is to facilitate debate on key areas of socio-economic policy and, on this occasion, Eurofound will bring together public authorities, worker representatives, employer representatives and relevant non-governmental organisations from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The seminars are designed to encourage an open exchange of information amongst participants on the basis of practical case examples, which will be taken from Germany, Italy, Sweden, France and Greece, and two panel session discussions on:

  • Obstacles to integration: Challenges and consequences for the labour market, and 
  • Policies to maximise refugee integration

The latter allow for a more in-depth debate on specific aspects related to the overall theme. In addition, participants will learn more about the findings of the recently-produced Guidebook for DG Grow on 'Promoting and supporting migrant entrepreneurship'.

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If you would like any further information in relation to this event, please contact Catherine Leeson at

Venue Details
DGB - German Trade Union Confederation
Hall 4 - Henriette-Herz-Platz 2
D-101 78 Berlin
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