Bulgaria: Partnership works to reduce and prevent undeclared work

A six-year project to change attitudes to undeclared work in Bulgaria has released its findings.

The project was carried out by the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria (AICB) working in partnership with the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB). The long-term aim was to reduce and prevent the informal economy in Bulgaria.

AICB wanted effective and sustainable solutions to the problem, and worked in close cooperation with social partners, public administration and civil society to develop and implement a complex system of activities.

The result was an increased public awareness of the informal economy and rising levels of intolerance towards the issue.

A number of measures – such as information dissemination, training, consultation, and suggestions for legislative changes – were developed and implemented.

Results show that, in 2010, nearly half of the employees surveyed said they were prepared to tolerate people who worked in the so-called ‘grey economy’. At the beginning of 2014, this share had dropped by a half.

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