Sector studies - New skills for new jobs - Sector Futures

Eurofound has worked with the European Commission on the New Skills for New Jobs project. This is part of the Progress Programme and aims to support member states to put in place more effective anticipation and matching of labour market needs that will contribute to the promotion of labour utilisation and labour productivity and therefore growth and jobs. A number of sectors have been analysed in terms of investing in the future of jobs and skills.

Eurofound has also carried out independent studies on the trends and drivers of change in selected sectors under the heading of 'Sector Futures'. Three separate articles were published for each sector. The first paints a broad picture of the changing dynamic of the sector, the second presents future scenarios and the third draws out key policy issues.

Sector studies
New skills for new jobs Year Sector Futures Year
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals 2009 Automotive 2004
Computers and electronics 2009 Biomedical healthcare 2008
Distribution and trade 2009 Biomedical healthcare 2006
Electricity, gas, water and waste 2009 Chemicals (excluding pharmaceuticals) 2005
Electromechanical engineering 2009 Childcare services 2006
Financial services 2009 Commerce 2008
Furniture 2009 Defence industry 2006
Health and social services 2009 Educational and training services 2011
Hotels and restaurants 2009 Energy 2008
Non-metallic materials 2009 Financial services 2010
Other services  2009 Financial services 2003
Post and telecommunications 2009 Food and drink 2004
Printing and publishing 2009 Health and social services 2003
Shipbuilding 2009 Hotels and catering 2005
Textiles and leather 2009 Information and communication technologies 2003
Transport and logistics 2009 Knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) 2005
    Performing arts 2006
    Publishing and media 2003
    Textiles and clothing 2008
    Textiles and leather 2004
    Transport and logistics  2008
    Transport 2005