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Corporate social responsibility: A business contribution to sustainable development

The Communication constitutes a follow-up to the 2001 Green Paper, 'Promoting a European Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility' . It presents the proposal from the Commission for a strategy to promote CSR in July 2001. The Green Paper defined CSR as 'a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.' Companies are increasingly aware that such responsible behaviour leads to sustainable business success. The Paper also recognised that CRS is about managing change in a socially responsible manner.

The document consists of seven chapters. Following the introductory chapter, the second chapter briefly summarises the outcome of the consultation process. The third chapter develops a proposal for a European strategy to promote CSR including a discussion of the concept of CSR, its place in the sustainable development context and its impact on business and society. Chapters 4 to 7 describe related proposed actions. Chapter 4 deals with improving the knowledge about CSR, chapter 5 addresses the problem of convergence of CSR tools and practices, chapter 6 introduces the idea to establish a European Multistakeholder Forum on CSR and finally chapter 7 describes a possible integration of CSR in all EU policies.

The Communication is addressed to the European institutions and national governments, as well as enterprises and their stakeholders. Central to the document is the idea that a European policy to promote CSR can only be further developed and implemented through their joint efforts.

Access information:
The text of the Communication can be downloaded as a pdf file from the website mentioned below. The document is available in all community languages. The pdf of the colour printed publication is available in English, French and German.

The Communication provides a complete overview of the Commission's strategy for promoting corporate social responsibility, clarifying the Commission's definition of CSR and identifying all issues to be addressed at the European level and the action planned.

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