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Geographic Location

Country: Belgium


Sector: Transportation / storage
Transportation and storage
53 - Postal and courier activities
Number Employed: 25000

Employment Effects

Announcement Date: 09-05-2021
Type of Restructuring: Business expansion
Employment Effect Start: 01-06-2021
Planned Job Creation: 500

Additional Information

Bpost, the Belgian national postal services has announced it will hire and train 500 employees in the near future. The company is mainly looking for 'typical' post jobs that are directly involved in mail distribution. The company is working together with the Flemish Unemployment Services (VDAB) in recruiting and delivering training courses. In addition to the opportunities of obtaining a permanent job, applicants are provided with options to acquire a driving license or a secondary school degree. In this way, the company and VDAB hope to increase the career opportunities especially for those who are vulnerable in labour market. 

About 100 candidates have already started their trainings, and another 300 new candidates are expected to start their training programme in September. 

For previous restructuring events, see Bpost2018-BEBpost2017-BEBpost2015-BE, and Bpost2012-BE.