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Poczta Polska

Poczta Polska

Geographic Location

Country: Poland


Sector: Transportation / storage
Transportation and storage
53 - Postal and courier activities
Number Employed: 78000

Employment Effects

Announcement Date: 09-02-2021
Planned Job Reductions min: 960
Type of Restructuring: Internal restructuring
Employment Effect Start: 01-06-2021
Foreseen End Date: 31-12-2021

Additional Information

Poczta Polska, the Polish national postal operator, has announced that it plans to cut its employment by up to 2,000 jobs throughout a collective dismissal programme at its units across Poland by the end of 2021. The local trade unions are informed that the programme will be launched on 1 June 2021. The programme is related to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as long-term trends in the postal market.

As of December 2020, Poczta Polska employed about 78,000 people across the country.

Previous restructuring programmes announced in recent years: February 2019 (120 jobs created), June 2019 (190 jobs created),  August 2019 (360 jobs created), January 2020 (700 jobs cut) and October 2020 (3,500 jobs cut).

Updated, 31/05/2021:

Poczta Polska announced that it is going to reduce the scale of employee layoffs by more than 50% when compared to the original plan. It implies that only 960 jobs will be cut by the operator.