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Public Sector

Public Sector

Geographic Location

Country: Greece


Sector: Public administration and defence
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
84.11 - General public administration activities
Number Employed: 665740

Employment Effects

Announcement Date: 09-07-2013
Planned Job Reductions min: 2000
Planned Job Reductions max: 3600
Type of Restructuring: Internal restructuring
Employment Effect Start: 22-07-2013
Foreseen End Date: 31-12-2013
Direct Dismissals: 2000

Additional Information

Greek government is to cut 4,000 civil service jobs till the end of 2013. On 9 July 2013, the Greek minister in charge of the administrative reforms announced plans to cut 15,000 public sector jobs by the end of 2014. In detail, the plan refers to 4,000 job cuts by the end of 2013, including approx. 2,000 redundancies after the closure of the public Greek broadcasting company (see ERT). For the rest 2,000 positions, is not yet known to which organisations respond but they will result out of a major reorganization plan in the public sector.

In addition, the Greek government announced the placement of 25,000 workers into a “mobility and relocation scheme” till the end of 2013. As already announced, 4,200 public sector employees - including school guards (2,224), school teachers (1,976) and ministry employees (50) will be placed under this “mobility scheme” till the end of July, followed, till the end of September, by 8,300 civil servants mostly coming from the municipal police forces (3,500) and various Ministries and Local Authorities. The relocation and mobility plan envisages an 8-month transitional period. After the end of this period those not relocated will be made redundant.

A massive protest was organized against the parliamentary vote on the above measures.

Updated, 07/07/2014: As reported, the final total number of the public sector job cuts for 2013 is 3,600.