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Geographic Location

Country: United Kingdom


Sector: Retail
Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
47.11 - Retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating

Employment Effects

Announcement Date: 23-05-2012
Type of Restructuring: Business expansion
Employment Effect Start: 01-01-2013
Foreseen End Date: 31-12-2013
Planned Job Creation: 6000

Additional Information

UK-based supermarket chain Sainsbury's has announced that it is to create 6,000 new jobs in the next 12 months. More than 400 will be created in the north-east. Jobs will be created on all levels. 

The company said that it was committed to supporting growth in the economy. Fore recruitment purposes, Sainsbury's has recently launched a campaign aimed at engaging with young people fronted by 100 Sainsbury's staff who are themselves under 25.