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The Government of Croatia

The Government of Croatia

Geographic Location

Country: Croatia
Region: Grad Zagreb; Kontinentalna Hrvatska; Hrvatska
Location of affected unit(s): Zagreb


Sector: Public administration and defence
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
84.11 - General public administration activities
Number Employed: 52747
Group: The Government of Croatia

Employment Effects

Announcement Date: 16-05-2015
Type of Restructuring: Business expansion
Employment Effect Start: 01-06-2015
Foreseen End Date: 03-08-2015
Planned Job Creation: 1875

Additional Information

The Croatian government plans to employ an additional 1,875 people in 2015 in various ministries, government offices and the offices of state administration in the counties. 628 persons, or more than a third, should be employed in the Ministry of Interior where 25,607 people currently work. The stated reason for an increased number of employees is the preparation of Croatia's entry into the Schengen area within the next few years. The Ministry of Justice plans to employ more than 100 new workers, the Ministry of Finance plans to hire 251 state servants, while the Ministry of Agriculture will employ a further 116.  New employees are also needed for the Department of Expertise, Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities. This body was established in 2014 to supervise the implementation of the law which mandates each company in Croatia to recruit a certain number of persons with disabilities. The Agency for financing and contracting of EU projects launched tenders for 18 people, the Central Bureau of Statistics for 11 people, the Croatian Conservation Institute for 5 people, the Croatian Agricultural Agency for 4 people. The Croatian Employment Service applied for 21 new employees, but most of these are fixed-contracts for replacement of workers on sick leave or maternity leave. The current government states that the number of civil servants in its mandate was reduced by a total of 2,563 from 55,312 to 52,747. The largest reduction in the number of employees was recorded in the Ministry of Defence (812), followed by the Ministry of Interior (665) and the Ministry of Finance (424).