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Belgium: Health monitoring of workers affected by restructuring

Phase: Management
Health monitoring of workers affected by restructuring
Last modified: 03 August, 2017
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Loi du 27 mai 2007 portant exécution de l'accord interprofessionnel pour la période 2007-2008/Wet van 27 Mei 2007 houdende uitvoering van het interprofessioneel akkoord voor de periode 2007-2008

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Law of 27 May 2007 on the execution of cross-sectoral agreement 2007-2008




This law based on previous cross-sector collective agreements (n°51, 82 and 82 bis) aims at defining procedures in case of outplacement.

Outplacement is defined as a set of services and guidance counselling provided by outplacement experts (private or public companies) on behalf of the employer in order to help employees (if applicable) to find a new job with another employer as quickly as possible or to start self-employment.

These guidance services can be provided individually or in groups. Among these services, the office or company in charge of outplacement has to provide psychological support, but also to establish a personal assessment and/or assistance in developing a job search and its implementation, assistance in negotiating a new work contract, assistance during integration in the new work environment and ultimately also a logistical and administrative support. The length of the outplacement procedure is maximum 12 months with 20 hours of support during the first two months, 20 hours during the four next months (if needed) and 20 hours during the last 6 months (if needed). 


The provision of psychological support is not explicitly defined by law. Therefore, these services are more or less developed depending on the particular situation. 

Joint committees may decide to collectively support the cost of the outplacement procedure.

Cost covered by
  • Employer
Involved actors other than national government
  • Other
Involvement others
Outplacement experts
No, applicable in all circumstances
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