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Bulgaria: Notice period to employees

Phase: Management
Notice period to employees
Last modified: 06 December, 2021
Native name:

Кодекс на труда

English name:

Labour Code


Articles 328 (1,2,3); 326 (2)


Labour Code Article 326 (2) defines that the notice period for termination of a permanent contract is 30 days, unless the parties have agreed on a longer period, but not more than 3 months.

The notice period for termination of fixed-term contracts is 3 months but not more than the remaining term of the contract. Termination of the activity of the company, partial closure of the enterprise or dismissals are among the reasons why the employer is obliged to issue a written notice to the employee for ending the contract.


Collective Labour Agreements (CLA) may include provisions of the length of the notice period for dismissal according to the length of service of the employee with the same employer.

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