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Estonia: Employers obligation to provide skill development plans or training

Phase: Anticipation
Employers obligation to provide skill development plans or training
Last modified: 04 June, 2019
Native name:

Töölepingu seadus

English name:

Employment Contracts Act




For the purpose of development of the professional knowledge and skills of employees, the employer is obliged to provide the employees with training based on the interests of the employer’s enterprise and bear the training expenses and pay average wages during the training. There are no specific conditions.


According to the Estonian Work Life Survey 2015 (Statistics Estonia), around 77% of employees find it rather or very important to have opportunities for self-development at work; 68% of employees have used the opportunities offered by their employer during the last 12 months; 32% have not used those opportunities. According to the Employment Contract Survey, 7.8% of employees participated in work-related training in 2011, which is slightly higher than before the Employment Contract Act reform that came into force on 1 June 2009 - 6.5% in 2008 and around 3.5% in previous years (Masso et al, 2013).

Cost covered by
  • Employer
Involved actors other than national government
National goverment only
No, applicable in all circumstances
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