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Luxembourg: Definition of collective dismissal

Phase: Management
Definition of collective dismissal
Last modified: 22 January, 2021
Native name:

Code du travail

English name:

Labour Code


L. 166-1


Subject to rules applicable to collective dismissals, employers must dismiss seven employees within 30 days, or 15 employees within 90 days, for reasons that are not related to the employee's behaviour but for economic reasons or in the framework of recovery, reorganisation, restructuring measures resulting in job losses, liquidation, bankruptcy, etc.

The layoffs must concern at least four dismissals for reasons not related to employees’ behaviour. All other contract terminations by the employer (for reasons not related to employee’s behaviour) on the initiative of the employer, such as voluntary departures, redeployment, early retirement, etc. are considered as redundancies in calculating the threshold.

Public sector employees are excluded from the regulation on collective dismissals.


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